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About ETDA Membership

ETDA functions as an intentional forum for owners, principals and senior staff of ETD member organizations.  Its members commit to applying the principles of the Alliances’ three service areas to deepen their relationships, enhance performance and apply tools of consultation to grow as individuals, as practitioners and as providers. 

This environment stimulates a creative tension that is conducive to a dynamic learning community. Members are expected to be able to participate in a wide range of in-depth conversations, and bring a high level of practice and experience to conversations. 

Our intent is to create a network of peers who can hold a high level of conversation about the current and future direction of experiential training and development with corporate clients (for profit, not-for-profit and governmental agencies).

ETDA is committed to the concept that its members are a good fit for each other and the organization, which requires members to be aligned with ETDA's purpose. The current strategy is to limit ETDA alliance membership to 50 members.

A Few Reasons To Join ETDA 

Create Connections – network; tap into the expertise of other master practitioners and business owners

Exchange Ideas – enhance your practice; share best practices; attend the Annual Super Summit; participate in occasional Phone Clinics, monthly Community Calls, e-conversations and other forums dealing with business performance and professional development 

Collaborate – realize new business opportunities and enhance work via collaborative partnerships with other members; benefit by consultative coaching and peer reviews for the purpose of improving your business or practice;  participate in special projects and initiatives representing the ETD Alliance (such as the A to Z Guide a collaborative publishing initiative)

Expand Possibilities – Receive potential client referrals received via the Alliance’s website and need assessment tool; get linked to the ETDA website and other marketing initiatives; benefit by the Alliance’s web-based core competency tool

Influence Change – Have voting privileges; influence the evolution of the ETD profession and impact of our work

Impact the Field – Define ethical conduct and set exemplary practices for the field of Experiential Training and Development.

Want To Join ETDA?

#1 First, see if your business is a fit with our membership goals by completing the ETDA Membership Fit Assessment. This is a self assessment that helps you determine if your organization is a good fit with the membership criteria.

#2 Then, if you determine that you are a good fit for membership, please email A Board member will answer any questions you have and a conversation will be scheduled.

#3 Next, have a conversation with a Board member to see if your membership is a win-win match.

#4 After your conversation the Board has a discussion and decides on membership status.

#5 If your membership is accepted, your membership is set up and your dues payment is accepted.

#6 You are introduced to membership!

Membership dues are $600 per year, payable online by credit card. Your dues will be pro-rated if your membership is accepted on a date other than July 1st.

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