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Who Are We?

The ETD Alliance is a not-for-profit organization of experiential training and development (ETD) professionals. Our mission is to promote the awareness, appreciation, and use of first-rate ETD services for business transformation and success.

Since 1997, the members of the ETD Alliance have been working to define exemplary practices in experiential training and development. Our efforts have been directed at educating consumers and ensuring the highest quality training and development solutions for our members’ clients. With an average of 15 years in operation, our members represent many of the world’s most renowned vendors and some of the early pioneers of experiential training and development.

The Alliance’s initial effort was to create a definition of ethical conduct and a set of exemplary practices for the field of experiential training and development. The resulting DeEp Document (Definition, Ethics and Exemplary Practice) achieved a clearly articulated definition of ethics and sets of exemplary practices for the industry to voluntary strive toward. 

In 2006, the Alliance published The A to Z Guide to Experiential Training and Development, their first publication written in collaboration with members.  The Guide is a declaration of the principles, values, and beliefs that give the field of experiential training and development efficacy. 

Today, we continue to fulfill our mission through:

  • Efforts to educate the marketplace about best practices in ETD

  • Professional development events, both virtual and face-to-face
  • An annual professional development summit
  • Continual revision of the DEEP Document

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