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ETDA functions as an intentional forum for owners, principals and senior staff of ETD member organizations.  Its members commit to applying the principles of the Alliances’ three service areas to deepen their relationships, enhance performance and apply tools of consultation to grow as individuals, as practitioners and as providers. 

This environment stimulates a creative tension that is conducive to a dynamic learning community. Members are expected to be able to participate in a wide range of in-depth conversations, and bring a high level of practice and experience to conversations.

Our intent is to create a network of peers who can hold a high level of conversation about the current and future direction of experiential training and development with corporate clients (for profit, not-for-profit and governmental agencies).

ETDA is committed to the concept that its members are a good fit for each other and the organization, which requires members to be aligned with ETDA's purpose. 

Membership Demographics

Level in Organization:

    - 73% are Owners
    - 19% are Directors
    - 4% are Managers
    - 4% are Consultants

Area of Business Focus:

    - 31% are in Relationship Development
    - 35% are in Performance Enhancement
    - 34% are in Organizational Consulting

Male/Female Ratio:

    - 48% are Male
    - 52% are Female

Years in Experiential Training & Development:

    - 4% have under 10 years
    - 8% have 10 to 14 years
    - 30% have 15 to 20 years
    - 19% have 20 to 24 years
    - 27% have 25 to 30 years
    - 12% have over 30 years

U.S. Geographical Location:

    - 20% are in the Northwest
    - 19% are in the Northeast
    - 14% are in the Heartland
    - 5% are in the Mid-South
    - 14% are in the Mid-Atlantic
    - 14% are in the Rocky Mountains
    - 14% are in the Southeast

To see if your business is a fit with our membership goals, please complete the Membership Fit Assessment
If you determine that you are a good fit for membership or have any questions, please email

A call with a Board Member will be set up and you will be emailed further information about ETDA membership.

Membership dues are $600 per year.  All dues are payable annually by credit cards. 

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