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ETDA Member Companies

1 Step Coaching and Consulting

1 Step Coaching and Consulting offers Leadership Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Team Performance & Development workshops.

Amy Kohut has been skillfully leading groups and individuals towards their professional goals for over 25 years.  She has deep experience in many facets of professional realms:  for-profit, non-profit and higher education.  For the past 10 years she has served as the Director of Cornell University’s Team & Leadership Center.  In that role she worked with thousands of clients in undergraduate, graduate, post doc, staff and administration, and faculty positions.  She also served the areas non-profit and for-profit sector in engaging trainings custom designed to meet their needs in Leadership Development and Team Performance.  She leads workshops and coaches using DiSC, MBTI, EQi2.0 (Emotional Intelligence), Leadership Profile Inventory, Strengthsfinder, the Leadership Wheel, Firo B, Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), Presence Based Leadership Coaching.  Amy has served as manager and and trainer for the international training organization Project Adventure, and is an independent consultant to large and small organizations focusing on leadership and team dynamics.  She is a certified facilitator of Emotional Intelligence, and been trained in Presence Based Leadership Coaching since 2011.  Amy’s workshops and trainings are both engaging and insightful.

The Active Learning Group

ALG’s active learning approach incorporates current learning theory with advanced facilitation tools and techniques to unleash the human potential that exists in organizations and school districts. We move individuals and teams past engagement to enlightenment and to a collective call to action. Through training and consultation we develop high performing leadership teams and align strategy, values, and business processes in a way that makes sense to all employees. The result is an organization that excels. Partnering with ALG is engaging, fun, and hyper focused on outcomes.


In 1987 we started creating adventures that would connect and inspire teams. We have since expanded to include adventures for everyone.

An Adventureworks teambuilding experience is carefully tailored to fit each company's culture and achieve specific objectives. Programs are fun and maximize value by relating back to the work environment.

Our team building programs emphasize cooperation and collaboration. We help individuals and teams reach beyond preconceived limits to accomplish what previously seemed impossible. We create an environment for teams to unleash their potential by discovering specific strengths and weaknesses. Communication concepts are introduced through challenges and problem-solving activities that require cooperative efforts of the whole team, and allow for the creativity of multiple solutions.

Whether you are looking for a team building experience, family adventure, or friendly outdoor activity our Adventure Parks have something for everyone! Tree top zip line tours are appropriate for youth, families, couples, baby boomers, and active elderly. Aerial trekking courses include a series of obstacles like swinging bridges, cargo nets, stump crossings, cables traverses and more, all located in the tree top canopy. Teambuilding is customized for each group.

A Leadership Experience, LLC

After 20 years working in a Fortune 50 organization, Alexandra Walker is excited to bring to you ALEx (A Leadership Experience, LLC). Leveraging her skills and understanding on what it required to ignite the spark within individuals, teams and organizations that leads to clarity and amazing results.  Her new company ALEx uses coaching, facilitation, consulting and a variety of other tools to deliver innovative leadership development focused on human needs within any business.



Align specializes in working with executives and managers that are women. Women bring a unique set of skills and challenges to the table as leaders.  I help guide leaders through those challenges and opportunities. Much of the journey involves finding our genuine selves in a sea of opinions about who and how we should be.  Work life balance does not exist. It’s different for everyone. I help leaders figure out what they need to excel in their personal and professional lives. 

Additionally, a large portion of Align’s work involves the senior leadership teams of non-profits in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan, the 3 areas of Boston with the greatest need.  Align follows a specific model for 2-day offsites, which encourages open and courageous communication, feedback, action planning and aligning personal and organizational goals. This work is supported by ongoing coaching.

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How and Why We Can Help You

B.O.S.S. Business Operational Support Services, LLC, a veteran-owned business consulting company, exists to help individuals and companies achieve more through in-depth analysis, growth-focused accountability, and hands-on training.

We help you R.I.S.E. by Respecting every person’s unique qualities, focusing on Integrity above all, being of Service to mankind, and operating with Excellence.

People don’t hire us to get the status quo answer about professional development. They work with us to improve processes, increase revenue, and grow as individuals and leaders.


The Browne Center

As a teaching, training, and research affiliate of the University of New Hampshire, The Browne Center is dedicated to advancing the standards of excellence in experiential learning. We appreciate our work for the value and joy it brings to the organizations and individuals with whom we interact and for its contribution to the quality of our own lives.

Continuum Consulting Services, LLC 

Continuum Consulting Services partners with people doing good in the world, and we equip them to do it better. We provide transformational consulting services that inspire and support our client’s ability to thrive in times of transition. By aligning action and core purpose, our clients foster collaborative relationships, discover innovative solutions and build flexibility to embrace change.  We specialize in leadership, team and organizational development and work with a variety of sectors including Fortune 500 companies, International NGO’s, universities and government organizations.  What differentiates us are our strength-based approach, systemic solutions, experiential methodologies and ability to custom design experiences that drive sustainable results. We have been serving clients for over 25 years.

Crawford Collaborative Consulting works with individuals, organizations and communities seeking to improve their selves and organizations by building upon existing strengths, structure and culture through Coaching and Thought Partnering

Bart believes Coaching has the power to change how we interact with the world around us. This has only fueled his passion for coaching.  No matter where you are in your journey, it can be beneficial to be listened to by someone with an outside perspective and to have a safe space to reflect and explore new ideas. Focusing on a holistic approach, coaching brings human potential into focus; allowing our clients to bring their best self to everything they do. 

Thought Partnering, available for individuals and teams, creates space for challenging one’s assumptions and promotes innovative and strategic thinking. We’ve seen these types of sessions add a new dimension to our clients' leadership, business development and even their personal lives.

Most importantly, CCC consultants work with you, and your team, to co-create the individual and professional development that suits your goals and organization.

CEO and founder Bart Crawford has been working with businesses, schools, agencies and communities throughout the world for over 35 years. He is known for empowering groups to build on their existing strengths so they can reach desired goals and improve outcomes while creating a positive, healthy environment.

Imagine Us 

We make the world more just, equitable & sustainable by helping changemakers and their organizations illuminate their path, release their potential, and pursue their boldest dreams.

The us in Imagine Us includes all those who believe a better world is within reach - a world where all people experience belonging & dignity, where fundamental needs are met, communities thrive and we care for the planet and each other as if future generations depended on it. 

David Markwardt Consulting, LLC 

Two of the most important traits of good leadership are to be trustworthy and to respect followers. These are traits I teach in my trainings. By definition, leadership means that there are followers. How those followers are treated is of paramount importance. They must be treated with respect. I bring a great deal of enthusiasm and depth to my trainings. The power of self-reflection  is built into them. I ask many open-ended questions. It is important to slow down and think. Good leadership requires this. It is hard to do this at work where the pace is fast and demanding. At work managers tend to have their heads down solving problems. At my trainings, managers have the opportunity to slow down, lift their heads up, look around, see the big picture and self reflect. These things are powerful and promote individual transformational change."

Fifth Pillar Consulting

At Fifth Pillar Consulting, we work with experiential education providers to enhance the safety and quality of their programming.  We also work with individuals and teams to provide training and culture-building experiences.  And yes...we can do it all virtually.

5 to 1 Consulting 

5 to 1 Consulting is a leadership and organizational development firm offering coaching, training and consulting.  We teach clients how the brain and body influence decision making and behavior, as well as develop the skillset required to focus attention and communicate differently.  Our focus is to create connection, safety and trust that allow teams and individuals to collaborate, innovate and thrive in challenging and changing business environments.

What got us to where we are now can no longer serve us well moving forward…

Human Outsources

Human Outsources is a boutique consulting firm specializing in HR strategy, talent development, leadership effectiveness, DEIB programming, and outsourced HR services for small companies. Whether it is short term projects, leadership training sessions, strategic planning workshops, or on-demand HR leadership, we are adamant about making work more human, and we bring employee-centric design principles to life in everything we do.  

Kaleidoscope Learning Circle, LLC

Live into Your Possibility through regenerative opportunities focuses on effective leadership and increasing your self-awareness. The possibility of building your resiliency, increasing trust, and enhancing your power. Our customized experiential programs, delivered in a caring learning environment, broaden your understanding of connection, movement, and presence through the natural gifts horses offer. Check out our store for Kaleidoscopian Processing Cards are a powerful tool that speaks to the soul through 49 unique images, insightful prompts, and themed by Chakras.  Wildly Successful is an entertaining, learning fable authored by Kaleidoscope founder, Dr. Tracy Weber, which provides transferable lessons of leveraging both task and relational leadership.

Mindfulness Consulting

Mindfulness Consulting brings a thoughtful approach to your potential, listening attentively and tailoring solutions to your unique needs.  I support leaders with personalized coaching and cultivate team development by facilitating dynamic, strengths-based training and conversations that foster forward movement.  

New Angle Consulting

New Angle Consulting provides tailored solutions that address your current situation. If you're like most of our clients, you're experiencing some kind of a disruption to your regular day-to-day business. You may be struggling with difficult team members, departmental "silos," down-sizing, or adjusting to a re-organization. You may be excited to launch a new product or service, a merger, a new team, a new business goal, or to bring in new team members. You recognize that you lead smart, capable individuals that can accomplish even greater results working together more effectively.  We improve leadership and team effectiveness through assessment tools (MBTI, TKI, LSI), learning lab problem-solving (who doesn't love LEGOs?), culture mapping and exploration, strategic dialogue, communication skills, and creating an engaging experience.

Operation Explore

We help companies reach their potential, resulting in high performing workplaces. Using innovative learning processes, OE will inspire your leaders, energize your employees and invigorate your company. Our method of curating the right learning tools and processes result in organizational transformation for companies worldwide. Our focus is on the development of Culture, Strategy & Structure. Your organizational development journey starts here.

Patricia Caplan 

Patricia Caplan is a management consultant who builds operational and decision-making capacity in non-profit service organizations with a focus on the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding regions.  Her scope of services includes project management, training development and delivery, business process design, and meeting preparation, facilitation and action planning.  

The Point 

The Point is a corporate training and facilitation organization focused on helping individuals, leaders, and teams do better.   And what exactly is doing better?  It can take many forms - AND the most common are communicating more clearly, connecting with people in their heart and minds, and creating an environment where everyone else can do better too!   Through delivering classroom training to designing and developing organization offsite meetings to coaching individuals on the topics of teamwork, trust, emotional intelligence, personality styles and preferences, we help people get to the point of what matters.

Scippa & Associates, Inc.

Scippa & Associates, Inc. is a privately held woman-owed and -operated small business specializing in Organizational Development and Renewal Services to build more effective individuals, teams, and leaders. Scippa & Associates, Inc. has a partner and subcontractor cadre of 100+ supporting ongoing audits, assessments, course development, and delivery of sessions, retreats and meetings. Individually tailored designs apply to team building, leadership development, managing change, strategic planning, problem solving and conflict management, Facilitator/Trainer development, and work-place ergonomics. A believer in the value of personal experience for integrated change, Marianne is skilled in the development of adventure-based and action learning programs.


Teamworks Training and Development, Inc.

Teamworks was founded in 1992 and serves a diverse group of clients including: Johns Hopkins, Wharton, SAP, Deutsche Bank, NIH and Nordstroms. Teamworks' mission is to partner with clients by delivering fun, engaging programs that have long lasting value. We specialize in the following programs: leadership development, team building and networking, adapting to change, innovation and problem solving skills.

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