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Experiential Training and Development (ETD) is an approach to organizational learning used to develop relationships, enhance performance, or influence organization-wide improvements. Applicable for individuals or groups of adult learners, ETD trainings and consultations typically include action, reflection, discussion, transfer, and support.

Studies show that ETD is one of the most effective tools for facilitating organizational and personal transformation. The best ETD consists of time-tested methods blended with cutting-edge content. It focuses on specific outcomes and is led by experienced practitioners able to help your organization, your leaders, or your people make tangible and meaningful transfers between a learning experience and ongoing organizational challenges.

What does ETD look like?

ETD comes in many forms, depending upon the needs of the client: engaging simulations, business-focused problem-solving, group challenges, outdoor adventures, and applied projects, to name a few. ETD programs can take place in training rooms and board rooms, conference centers and hotels, outdoor learning centers and beyond - even in virtual space or integrated throughout your organization.

Why do leading organizations use ETD?

Because it works. Research shows that adults learn best and are better able to change behaviors when the learning experience is engaging, involving strategic thinking, and allows for periods of reflection to synthesize learning. ETD is often fun and is always memorable. That’s why leaders and organizations seeking to accelerate the learning process and enhance both team and organizational effective use it.

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